Truly Secure File Sharing and Data Storage Have Arrived

All FileShare, Storage, Box Products are not Created Equal

The term “cloud” conjures up a variety of definitions. Many people are just beginning to grasp what “Cloud” really means with regard to technology. One definition states, “The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than on a local server.” This definition has spawned three prominent and distinct business opportunities.

The first is allowing secure data storage and backup for companies and individuals. The second is the function of file sharing, which has fueled the growth of companies such as Dropbox™ and™. The third opportunity is now with CertainSafe™.

MicroEncryption™ and the Digital Vault™

Our new hybrid architecture combines the capabilities of data storage/back up, along with expanded and unique file sharing methodologies, plus offers the absolute highest level of security using its proprietary MicroEncryption processes. All types of data/files/records can now be highly secured, “Compliantly”, and within the “Cloud”, with the deployment and use of CertainSafe. CertainSafe offers a Digital Vault-type solution to safeguard information yet permits owners of that information to avoid risk of data breach as continually experienced by many other “Cloud” providers in the current marketplace.

While the “Cloud” computing market is growing at a fast and furious pace, the leaders in the marketplace continue to press forward to not only grab additional market share, but also obtain a larger portion of the increased market size. The leaders in the market vary depending on the segment of the market they specialize in.

FileShare Market Leaders

The market for data storage, backup and file sharing is staggering. With so many users, the risk of data breaches and cybercrime are significant. The current leaders in the “Consumer” marketplace such as Dropbox™, Amazon Cloud Drive™, Apple Cloud™, Google Cloud™,™ and Microsoft’s Skydrive™, continue to fight for position. On the Enterprise side, market leaders such as™, Egnyte™, Carbonite™, OpenDrive™, SugarSync™, RapidShare™, Oracle™, IBM™, and Google™, to mention a few, continue to press forward in an effort to penetrate the commercial / government markets, that in many ways are still just beginning to overcome their “Cloud fear”.

CertainSafe vs. DropBox

Should a user’s “DropBox” be penetrated, their entire Dropbox of information is exposed. In the highly unlikely event of data breach for those utilizing CertainSafe, the power of MicroEncryption means that they might potentially risk the exposure of only a single instance of one piece or portion being exposed. There is no other platform offering this kind of protection and peace of mind at such an affordable price.

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