The Necessity and Benefits to Using a Secure Portal

The way businesses and clients connect and communicate is ever-changing. This digital era makes 24/7 access a necessity for most businesses and a standard expectation. However, it is not enough to have a website or social media page. Clients are looking for a more personalized experience that gives them better and more secure access. That’s why it is important for your business to have a secure portal. With a secure portal, your clients can have better access to you. They can also rest easy knowing that your business takes cybersecurity issues seriously. Besides the cybersecurity benefits it provides, there are also more practical ones. Our guide below will go over why a secure client portal is necessary for your business and its cybersecurity needs.

Secure Client Portal

So, what is a secure client portal exactly? Well, a great example is when you login to your online banking website. When you login, you are accessing a secure client portal that allows you to access your sensitive data. It’s a secure gateway that allows you access and allows a business to safely and securely share your personal data with you. It also restricts users to access data they are authorized to access. Meaning you cannot access someone else’s data, despite being plugged into the secure network.

These secure client portals allow businesses and clients a greater ability to communicate and connect. For one thing, it gives clients an improved experienced due to the nature of a secure portal. But, what are the other benefits?

Client Convenience

Having a secure portal is extremely convenient for your customers. Because everything is stored on the cloud, the portal can be accessed anywhere at any time. Clients can access their info whenever they like, knowing they can do it 24/7. This also frees up your customer service department because it gives clients more freedom to navigate their info when they want.

Improved Client Relationships

Secure portals allow for collaboration on projects, files, and much more. This means that your clients can do more with their work in a safe and secure way. You can also individualize your firm’s secure portal with white label personalization. Your client’s user experience can be branded with your company logo and colors. They can store, share, and message in total secrecy – knowing that their data is secure.

Secure Data

One of the top reasons why a secure portal is beneficial is that it allows for the safe and secure transfer of data. Your business won’t have to use Dropbox or USB drives to transfer data. Instead, a secure login will allow you to easily transfer files in a direct and secure way. Clients can also do it when they want at any time.

Small businesses need to be prepared for the 21st century. That’s why CertainSafe® is here to help. We understand your needs for security and for protecting your data. To find out more information, check out our services.