CertainSafe® Digital Safety Deposit Box
Ultra-Secure Cyber Security For Sensitive Files

Absolute Data Security - The CertainSafe Digital Vault MicroEncryption Technology Overview

Step 1: Upload

Remove sensitive data from its original location, manually or via automated application APIs.

Step 2: MicroEncryption

Simultaneously replace the sensitive data with CertainSafes's proprietary MicroToken™ placeholders. Your storage system now only contains a virtual representation of the original data, and the sensitive data is securely transferred to our cloud.

Step 3: MicroEncryption (Con't)

The removed data is immediately encrypted using AES256 with key pairs and a unique compound key for each data object, providing unsurpassed security. Encrypted files are broken into pieces and distributed across multiple physical and virtual locations. Data uploaded to our system is never saved in unencrypted form at any time.

Step 4: Retrieval

When retrieval is required, files are unencrypted and de-tokenized, reassembled and returned in real-time to whatever application requires the information for processing. Whole files can be returned or specific data objects curated for batch processing. Retrieval is blazingly fast.

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