I received an email inviting me to a secure share and I do not have an account. How do I see this the share?

If you have received an email from CertainSafe inviting you to share documents, left click on the link provided and follow the simple steps. The link will take you to the CertainSafe Invite page.

In order to view any documents or secured messages, you must sign up for at minimum, a “Free Guest” account. The Guest account will only allow you to view documents and secure messages with those that have shared with you. If at any point you wish to upload, securely store, and safely share your own documents, you may upgrade your from your Guest account to a paid User account at any time.

As a Guest, you may “Accept Invitation” or “Decline Invitation”. Left click Accept Invitation to begin the registration process. To begin, we will verify your contact information. Your email address will become your “Username” when logging on to the CertainSafe