How do I share Via Outlook integration?

  • Click “New Email” on the top left of Microsoft Outlook
  • Under the Message tab, in the middle of the new email, you will find a green paper clip that says “Attach files CertainSafe”. Click this to attach a secure document.
  • A pop up will appear that will mimic your current folder structure inside you Digital Safety Deposit Box.
  • You may select a file from the Digital Safety Deposit Box by clicking the desired folder and selecting the file you want to attach, or you may also attach a file from you PC by clicking “browse” under the folder structure. You may attach as many files as you would like and you can use a combination of files from your Digital Safety Deposit Box and your PC simultaneously.
  • You may additionally add a secure message of up to 500 characters that you wish to be sent along with these files. NOTE: The body of the email is not being secured. Only the attachment is secured within our