Security Breach – Retirees of Arizona State’s Retirement System

shutterstock_106279598A security breach may have caused approximately 44,000 state retirees to have their personal data compromised. The Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) is spending nearly $291,000 to provide identity theft protection services. All of the affected retirees were enrolled in the Arizona State Retirement System dental plans. Notification of the security breach was sent out to all retirees earlier this month.

The pension system has offered to pay for one year of services with AllClear ID. As it so happens, this is the same company that provided identity protection services to people who were affected by the security breach at Home Depot. People who have been affected contact AllClear ID for assistance. Some of the benefits include a one million dollar identity-theft policy and credit monitoring services.

David Cannella is the spokesperson for the Arizona State Retirement System. He stated that the company felt paying for AllClear ID services was the right thing for them to do. He also mentioned that he wants to ensure that all of the member retirees have the best protection.

Cannella stated that the problem started back in September 2014. The system sent two computer discs that contained the names and social security numbers of the members enrolled in Arizona State Retirement System dental plans to Assurant. Assurant is a benefits company that is located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Assurant told ASRS that they never received the discs. The ASRS started looking for the discs, but they were unable to find them. They then sent an apology letter to the people who were affected.

Cannella stated that he believed no one’s personal information was stolen. He also stated that he believes the computer discs were most likely destroyed in the mail. As a result of this, the Arizona State Retirement System has changed the policy for sending sensitive information.

The only people notified of the potential security breach were the people who were affected. Less than 10 percent of the members were affected most of which resided in Arizona.

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