Ultra-Secure Portal For Personal Use

Never worry about the security of your files and messages again.

"CertainSafe’s cloud-based service not only encrypts your data, its MicroEncryption system scatters the encrypted bits across multiple servers. A hacker who breached the encryption on one server would get nothing but bits and pieces, useless without the other parts of the file. CertainSafe maintains PCI Level One certification and is fully HIPAA compliant.

If your company has to comply with HIPAA or other standards for protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), the mere act of using a non-compliant cloud storage system could be a costly violation. That's where CertainSafe comes in.”
Neil Rubenking, PC Magazine

Protect Privacy

Keep files safe from prying eyes or unwanted exposure with your CertainSafe Personal Portal. For example, simply create an "Estate" folder in CertainSafe and share it with select family as well as your attorney and executor (as free guests) so only they know where to find and can safely review just those documents in CertainSafe.

Microsoft Plugins

Don't spend any more time than you have to! Your CertainSafe Personal Portal is integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Word 2013 so you won't have to add any extra steps to your workflow. You can safely store files or send them without ever leaving your project or email.

Secure Collaboration Made Easy

Collaboration does not have to expose you to security risks. Your CertainSafe Personal Portal is the safest way to engage with your family, friends and trusted professionals to provide a safe haven for files, keeping data safe providing comprehensive audit trails and version control. No more saving multiple unsecured files or sending sensitive information back and forth risking the loss, or even worse, the exposure of your hard work. Work together without risk through your CertainSafe Personal Portal.

How Safe Is Safe?

CertainSafe is the most secure storage service available today. The CertainSafe Personal Portal services protect you from external and internal exploitation, securing data in both transit and at rest. It is so secure that not even our staff can view your content! Your files are exchanged for digital MicroTokens which are then MicroEncrypted and distributed offsite across an array of redundant servers for impenetrable, ultra-secure and completely private storage. Even if a hacker was able to get some piece of data it would be completely unusable by them to extract any information.

LoginSaveNever Worry
  • No application or software to install.
  • In-app integration with Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Word 2013.
  • Store any data, document, file or image up to 2GB with simple "drag & drop" functionality.
  • Real-time file retrieval.
  • PCI Level 1 DSS certified meets and exceeds regulatory compliance requirements
  • Comprehensive audit trails and version control.

White Label Custom Portal Branding

Individualize your  Personal Secure Portal with our White Label Program. Your could have user experience branded with your family name or crest along with your favorite colors.
Contact us to learn more about how you personalize your Secure Portal

Special Personal Privacy Portal

Protect you and your family from a cyber attack!

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