Secure Portals: Communication, Collaboration, Flexibility and Yes, Security

What are secure portals, you may ask? Communication, collaboration and security rolled into one.
The increased prevalence of bring-your-own-device policies in the modern workplace can present real security risks for large and small businesses alike. A recent article published in Fast Company magazine outlines the issues that may face IT departments because of these changes in the working environment.

Inconsistent Security Could Spell Trouble

When staff members are allowed or encouraged to bring their own laptops, tablets and other computing devices into the work environment, they also bring along a set of security issues that your IT department may not be prepared to face. While most modern companies maintain at least adequate security for their internal networks to protect against malware, the introduction of devices that may or may not be properly secured can increase the risk of computer viruses and breaches of existing security measures.

Collaborative Tools Also Present Risks

The Fast Company article also cited videoconferencing tools as a potential threat to cybersecurity in the workplace. Device management firm Okta analyzed data from its own clients and discovered that more than half of the applications used by these employees were not provided to them by their IT departments and had not been vetted for security purposes. When the greater bandwidth and added security risks of collaborative tools are added into the mix, the need for proactive measures in the cybersecurity field increases substantially.

Opting for Security as a Service: Secure Portals from CertainSafe

CertainSafe is the only company currently offering truly Secure Portals that allow businesses to manage the need for greater cybersecurity with the modern business needs of flexibility, communication and collaboration. These services allow sensitive data to be shared securely and safely by employees, clients and invited guests within a secure cloud environment. CertainSafe delivers both a