Schools of Higher Education – Securing Data from Exploitation and Cyber Attack

There is a time tested saying that generally applies to the realities of today: The best defense is a good offense.” As it applies to cyber security, the premise is that “new ways to secure data” are required to enhance and support existing defenses. CertainSafe is a leader in data-centric security solutions that “protect data at rest and data in motion” even when a breach of existing network and data center security defenses occurs.

In The News

Feb 19 COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — The President of the University of Maryland says that “a computer security attack breached a database that contains personal information about more than 300,000 faculty, staff, students and others.”

Feb 26 (Reuters) – The University states that “personal data of 146,000 students and recent graduates of Indiana University, including their social security numbers and addresses, may have been exposed during a data breach.”

Feb 26 – “Tough as the holiday season was for many retailers, Wednesday’s fourth quarter earnings report proves that few had it tougher than Target, which was bedeviled during the peak shopping season by one of the largest-ever retail data breaches.

The company’s long-awaited fourth quarter results tell a tale of woe: Net income fell 46% to $520 million, or $0.81 per share, from $961 million, or $1.47 per share, a year earlier,” the Minneapolis-based company reported.

The New Reality

The threat of cyber-attack underscored by the credit card breach at Target is now so great that US businesses are rushing to buy insurance coverage against the expense of losing sensitive customer information. Cyber insurance has graduated from a splurge to a necessity; however, insurance is not the answer. The current need is for new ways to secure data at rest and data in motion from cyber-attack, mass data loss and criminal exploitation.

CertainSafe MicroTokenization® and MicroEncryption®

New ways to secure sensitive data has never been more important. The trend must be to secure data at rest and data in motion. Data security must be all inclusive and support the full range of operations which include internal and external communications, financial transactions, personal records, and data in storage. Data and security officers around the globe are facing an ongoing challenge; how to safely store and transmit data securely while still being able to access it quickly.

Until now, bulk encryption, combined with firewalls, was the most effective solution for protecting data and other informational assets against internal and external threats. Encryption is the process of transforming information, plain or accessible text, into an unintelligible scrambling of code referred to as cipher-text. This process utilizes a secret key with an algorithm and is known as ciphering. The cipher-text (encrypted data), is designed to be decoded, transformed, and restored back into its original readable and understandable form by utilizing the original cipher algorithm and a secret key. The intent of this process is to secure and protect critical information from theft and exploitation.

As previously cited, these defenses were not enough to protect Target Corporation or the financial data of its customers. In order to fill the security gap, CertainSafe has developed a next-generation data security solution that eliminates the loss of sensitive data. Our proprietary MicroTokenization and MicroEncryption products and services (Certified to DSS PCI Level 1) are immediately available to secure data at rest and data in motion throughout organizational networks and information systems for both students as well as higher education data.

Continuous Innovation and Architecture

CertainSafe products and services provide customers with advanced data-centric cybersecurity methods beyond DSS PCI Level 1 standards to include proprietary MicroTokenization and MicroEncryption. The Company’s software security MTE engine is an extremely configurable processing mechanism that converts sensitive data to MicroTokens. Once converted, MicroTokens are combined with various proprietary AES algorithms, (up to 1024-bit cipher keys, RSA-2048, or client preferred algorithms) to ensure levels of security unattainable with traditional network defenses.

In addition, the Company’s proprietary architecture distributes tokenized-encrypted bits and pieces throughout an array of hard drives, server configurations, and data centers. These levels of security ensure that a mass data breach is a mathematical improbability. In short, CertainSafe ultimately change the way data is stored.

MIT requires strong and impenetrable security of this type to protect its’ sensitive data from explication or all types and forms. While data must remain accessible it must also be protected to newly created standards. Secure Cloud Systems provides that level of protection.

CertainSafe Core SDK Toolkit –

CertainSafe SDK cloud and database MicroEncryption and MicroTokenization solution provides cost effective flexibility that exceeds current data security, adaptability, and accessibility platforms. This innovative architecture can be incorporated into existing systems with ease.  Specified services can be deployed to meet the requirements of the most demanding security needs at a price that all can afford.

 Our SDK technology is all internet based using secure transport (https) and the data is stored encrypted using AES encryption with a unique key assigned only to the specific organization. The storage, update, and retrieval are all guarded by a multi-level identification mechanism and any and all unauthorized attempts to access the data are prevented and logged for research and review. Visit:

An originator sends requests for storage, update, or retrieval using simple web calls and an xml or JSON payload. All results are returned as xml or JSON (based on the incoming payload technology) for use by the organization.

This service is comprised of innovative and revolutionary tokenization and encryption technology. Collectively, the elements interact seamlessly and transparently, streamlining protocols and saving both time and money. CertainSafe SDK services are adaptable, easy to utilize and do not require costly changes to existing’s legacy systems. The end results are new ways to easily connect and secure data and protect it from internal and external threats.

Please contact us to learn more about the power of CertainSafe’s SDK tools today.