5 Reasons Why Electronic Health Records are More Secure than Paper Records

Traditionally, patient health records are kept as handheld, paper copies. Yet, more and more doctors are transitioning away from paper to digitization. Not only are electronic health records more convenient to access, they aid organizations in increasing communication, collaboration within a team setting, accessibility, space, and often, money.

If you’re still not convinced in progressive, electronic health records, read on to discover its many advantageous benefits.

Only authorized users have access

When you have paper records, it’s possible that individuals who are not authorized to see specific patient data have easy access to view patient files. This is may result from the forgetfulness of another colleague who fails to place the record back into a file cabinet or simply a filing error.

Electronic health records eliminate the risk of human error. The electronic health records also allow you to control who has access to patient information and relatively, the viewing and sharing history.

Encryption keeps information secure

If you still have your personal health information held on paper records, consider how easy it is for anyone to transcribe, copy or scan and fax them to an unauthorized third party.

CertainSafe offers a system for digitizing and sharing medical records. Its MicroEncryption system scatters the encrypted bits across multiple servers. CertainSafe maintains PCI Level One certification and is fully HIPAA compliant.

Paper records can be altered

It’s possible that paper records are tampered with which can often be difficult to detect. Someone can alter a copy of the record in the file and remove the real one. Another possibility is that the individual could simply distort and remove important pieces of information.

On the other hand, when using electronic health record (EHR) system, patient information is much more secure and protected with a strong login and password system. CertainSafe also provides you with exceptionally secure file sharing of all the files and folders.

Audit trails

EHR systems and EHR solutions allow you to conduct audit trails. It’s an excellent way to see who has accessed a patient’s record, when it was authorized and if it was authorized at all.  However, paper records do not offer similar tracking systems.

Data backup

Another important aspect to bare in mind is to keep your patient’s medical history safe from any type of unexpected event or disaster. Catastrophes such as vandalism, fires, floods or earthquakes can alter or destroy an individual’s data. If the records are digitized, you’ll be able to restore the confidential data from an offsite backup.

It’s time to Digitize

Electronic health records will bring more security and safety to your organization. This is the right time to contact CertainSafe! Let us help digitize and share important medical records in the most secure way possible.

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