5 Reasons to Make Security a Priority for File Transfers

The importance of secure file sharing for every type of business is on the rise. Most individuals seem to be aware of it, yet somehow fail to implement security best practices. After continually hearing how companies experience severe data breaches, many business owners feel concerned about their sensitive data and how susceptible it may be to being stolen or compromised.

In order to further emphasize the importance of data security, we’ll provide you with five reasons why secure file sharing for businesses is essential in the age of technological development.

Growing value of data

Data is becoming more and more valuable to businesses every day. This is a central reason why businesses have to work on their sensitive information protection. Companies are able to gain insight from all variations of data they acquire. Leaving data unsecured can also leave it in the wrong hands.

There are many secure file sharing services such as CertainSafe that will protect your sensitive information. CertainSafe offers you their Digital Safety Deposit Box where you can keep all your most important data completely secure from prying eyes.

Data-driven cultures

Data-driven cultures within firms are becoming more and more popular as well. When workers rely on data for decision making rather than on instincts and assumptions, it yields better results. So, in order to have all the data available at any point, workers need to share files, send files and gain access on a daily basis. This requires secure cloud-based file sharing so your company’s data stay safe.

CertainSafe offers a free secure file sharing and their 30-day free trial for their award-winning, ultra-secure private digital vault. We recommend you try it!

Transit vulnerabilities

When shared, information is typically more vulnerable than data at rest. If secure cloud sharing for a small business or any other business is not implemented, data can easily become a victim of a cyber attack. If you choose CertainSafe and the services we offer, all your data will stay secure 100% of the time.


Imagine losing your company’s most critical data all in a split second, never to be recovered again. You’ll then realize that it’s wiser to pay for secure file transfer solutions than to pay for repairing damages when a breach occurs. These breaches can cost tens of thousands or even millions of dollars. Additionally, the company’s reputation will be damaged. The benefits clearly outweighs the cost, so think again before you immediately “skip” cyber security.

Peace of mind

It’s very important to have peace of mind when you’re a business leader. You don’t need to worry about data being stolen if you opt for a secure file sharing services such as CertainSafe. You and your employees can turn to other important efforts in other areas of your business knowing that all your sensitive information is secure.

Protect Your Data Now

When you make security a priority for file transfers, you can rest assured that you’ve reduced the risk of data breaches. However, you have to stay vigilant at all times. Call CertainSafe today at 719-323-6684 and we’ll help you keep all the files and folders secure using our storage service.

Don’t be that business that gets hacked and loses everything!