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Real Estate Industry

Home buyers and sellers share personal, non-public information to the professionals involved in their real estate transaction. The exposure creates an obligation onto all parties, to secure this data from both internal as well as external exploitation. Deploying innovative methods to securely store and share client information is a growing prerequisite for doing business. CertainSafe® provides this at a level not found previously in the Real Estate industry.

CertainSafe provides Real Estate Professional with technology, services, and education, for the secure management of their sensitive digital information, assisting them to mitigate risks and protect their digital assets. A portion of our uniqueness is in our ability to provide the highest level of data security while maintaining flexibility, adaptability, and accessibility with the use of our own proprietary MicroEncryption® - MicroTokenization® solutions, of which we maintain within our PCI DSS Level 1 Certified, HIPAA Compliant, and co-located server systems.

CertainSafe's Portal platform provides assurance for buyers and sellers that their personal data will remain personal and private while allowing only authorized access to permissioned areas. Each professional involved in the transaction would be able to share documents and collaborate on issues in a highly secure manor, with complete and comprehensive audit control, without risk. This is why CertainSafe continues to be the preferred choice for the Real Estate community.

A single breach in security will have a devastating impact on the reputation of the REALTOR® as well as the associated firms involved in the transaction. Members of the Real Estate community utilizing CertainSafe to take action and address this challenge provide their clients with clearly differentiated, secure services they can depend on.

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