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Internet of Things

CertainSafe has developed a radically new paradigm for securing the Internet of Things:
MicroTokenization™ substitutes virtual tokens for data transmission and industrial commands.

Unlike conventional IoT firewall, identity and network defenses, with CertainSafe proprietary data is never actually transmitted between an application and a networked device. Instead tokens to govern instructions between controllers and paired devices.

Each command in an IoT process is reduced to byte-size transmission packets that are encrypted individually. MicroTokenization enables thousands of tokens to be generated per second, allowing lightning-fast management of even highly complex systems.

Our adapter-based architecture is easily portable across platforms and programming environments. For highly mission critical applications, like autonomous vehicles, we embed our MicroTokenization and MicroEncryption (MT&E) engine in chip firmware, and create unique, ultra-secure hardware pairs. For IoT networks with very large numbers of devices, we offer software-only solutions agnostic to communications protocols and networks that can scale to any size.

Security measures are introduced throughout our multi-layer architecture:

Tokens control specific data management functions, not entire systems.
Our tokens enable discrete controls on devices but are not a point of entry for rogue code. Hackers cannot leverage a token as an attack surface and penetrate more deeply into a system or device.
Each token and data transfer is individually MicroEncrypted.
Every token and data packet is encrypted. Even if AES could be cracked quickly, which it can't, no data would be exposed, only the one-time token. We can insert custom encryption if you Bring Your Own Keys.
Tokens are device-paired.
Tokens are configured to execute only on a specific pair of devices, and only tokens unique to the pair can execute a command.
Tokens are instantly obsolete and expire after each command.
New tokens are generated only after a previous transmission is proven legitimate. Thousands of token exchanges are sent per second.
Valid tokens are hidden by false tokens.
A huge and dynamically changing volume of digital chaff masks every legitimate token, in effect, creating a different sized haystack for each needle.
Every token exchange is time-delimited.
Tokens must be sent and received within tolerances set by an application policy. Messages that arrive too soon or too late are rejected.
Tokens continuously regenerate.
CertainSafe proprietary algorithms transform token pairs in real-time, creating a spoof-free and self-correcting feedback loop between controllers and devices.

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