3 Important Security Risks To Analyze Before Selecting A Cloud Storage Service

When it comes to finding the best cloud storage for business, CertainSafe® has you covered. The reason why CertainSafe is the best cloud storage for business is because it can easily address the three important security risks that will be laid out shortly. This is because as the number of cloud storage services increase, so does the inherent security risks. So, while the demand for more cloud storage rises, it is important to take a close look at which is the best cloud storage for business and why it stands out from the rest. Because, at the end of the day your small business is entrusting its sensitive data to a third-party service. This service needs to be on the same page as your business. Below are three security risks to look at when understanding cloud storage services.


1. Data Leaks

Business are worried that by having all their sensitive data in the cloud, they are open to having data leaks. The reasoning behind this is because the data that is in the cloud is shared – meaning that multiple users can have access to the data. Another worry is that because the cloud is handled by a third-party service, the data could be exposed to them. To combat these fears, it is best to find a cloud storage service that can guarantee file encryption and that will encourage multiple levels of security in order to protect your data.


2. The Issue Of Bringing Your Own Device

Cloud storage services allow users to access the data from anywhere. So, there is no longer a need to be physical present at your workspace station. You can access the same data from any location or device. But, this also brings in its own set of security concerns. Granted, it is beneficial to both employees and employers to save money on expensive IT equipment and provide employees with more work flexibility, but it needs to be properly monitored. Data leaks and breaches on a personal device are much harder to identify and contain then one done at the workspace station. Using a secure portal allows you to safely store any file type into the CertainSafe Safety Deposit Box and share it with only those you allow either as other users or as free guests.


3. Hackers Looking For Vulnerable Data

The data that is uploaded to the cloud is exposed to hackers if there aren’t proper security measures in place to prevent them. Data that is stored and shared on the cloud poses an inherent risk since it is out of the hands of the small business. However, it doesn’t have to if the data is encrypted and shared through a secure connection – this will prevent hackers from gaining access. Additionally, in the event that a hacker does steal a piece of encrypted data, it would be worthless to them since they won’t be able to decode it without the other pieces.


Small businesses need to be prepared for the 21st century. That’s why CertainSafe is here to help. We understand your needs for a safe and secure file sharing service that protects your data. To find out more information, check out our services.