How to minimize cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of doing business safely. A common misconception with cybersecurity is that cybersecurity only applies to big companies and not small businesses. Yet, there is a reality that we all must face:  cybersecurity is necessary for  every size business. Why? Because no one is exempt from the threats that cyberattacks pose to businesses.

Some time ago, companies didn’t have to worry about cybersecurity because the internet didn’t exist. However, times have changed and business owners need to be aware of what can harm their confidential data. Realize this:  anyone can be a target! It’s critical to understand this aspect and learn about the relative ways you can minimize cybersecurity threats for your company.


File sharing service

First thing’s first:  your company needs to have a file sharing service such as CertainSafe®. The files and data that your business accesses on a daily basis needs to be accessed in a safe and secure way. Keep your data safe and sound with CertainSafe®.


Insider risk

You never know how and why your former employee is upset after leaving the company. So, in order to reduce the malicious insider risk, immediately deactivate credentials after people leave the company.


Staff mistakes

If you have untrained employees who don’t realize their role in keeping the company safe from threats then you might have a problem. It is crucial to have your staff trained so they realize how important cybersecurity is and to understand how they can avoid making mistakes and compromising your company’s important data.


International hackers

You may think that because you own a small business, hackers won’t come after you. Domestic and international hackers are a threat to everyone. To put it simply, no one is out of reach. That’s why companies should keep this in mind when securing their networks, data and monitoring for threats.


Unsecured devices

Some of your employees might be using computers brought from home which can be extremely vulnerable if not properly secured. To cut down on the risk, you should make sure those devices have up-to-date software, avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, having firewall and spam filters up. Occasionally, check these computers to be sure everything is in order.


Stay vigilant

Every company needs to be aware of the cybersecurity threats and stay vigilant at all times. Business owners can’t afford to assume hackers won’t target them.

Small businesses need to be prepared for the 21st century. That’s why CertainSafe® is here to help. We understand your needs for security and for protecting your data. To find out more information, check out our services.