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CertainSafe provides Government agencies with technology, services, and education, for the secure management of their sensitive digital information, assisting them to mitigate risks and protect their digital assets. A portion of our uniqueness is in our ability to provide the highest level of data security while maintaining flexibility, adaptability, and accessibility with the use of our own proprietary MicroEncryption® - MicroTokenization® solutions, of which we maintain within our PCI DSS Level 1 Certified, HIPAA Compliant, and co-located server systems, or that can be deployed within a Government approved facility.

CertainSafe® has emerged as the industry leader in the deployment of technology that allows for data defense resiliency. CertainSafe® keeps data moving and MicroEncrypted® down to the "byte," therefor making it virtually inaccessible to hackers.

We offer the necessary expertise to help government protect sensitive data while providing specific permissioning systems and audit trails allowing for communications between the two when necessary. Agencies retain full control of sensitive data while audit controls remain intact for easy use. Files are managed by the same technology and permission systems.

CertainSafe delivers the strongest data control available. Data is only shared with authorized parties either within or outside your network. Integrated solutions are secured at the field-level and controlled by user-defined MicroTokenization® and MicroEncryption® options. CertainSafe® is the cyber-crime solution for the twenty-first century and beyond.

The global benefits of the digital era have come with a steep price. Cyber-attacks and cyber-crime have erupted in recent years. To best combat cyber threats in this rapidly changing environment, governments are switching their primary goal from firewall protection to data mobility and defense resiliency. Attempting to stop all forms of cyber-attack by utilizing perimeter defenses is no longer considered realistic. Instead, tactics are being deployed in order to seek new ways to withstand attacks while continuing to operate effectively.

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Government Contractors need Cradle-to-Grave Information Security to support Executive Order 13556 - "Controlled Unclassified Information" (CUI)


On November 4, 2010 President Obama signed Executive Order 13556 requiring an open and uniform program for managing information that requires safeguarding or dissemination controls pursuant to and consistent with law, regulations and Government-wide policies. The order establishes a program for managing information, hereinafter described as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) that emphasizes the openness and uniformity of Government-wide practice. Under this order each agency head shall, within 180 days (May 3, 2011) of this order: "Review all categories, subcategories, and markings used by the agency to designate [sic] Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) for safeguarding or dissemination controls and [sic] shall develop and issue such directives as are necessary to implement this order."


Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is a new category of controlled information replacing categories such as "For Official Use Only" (FOUO), "Sensitive But Unclassified" (SBU) and "Law Enforcement Sensitive" (LES) categories. EO 13556 states that "within 180 days of the issuance of initial policies and procedures by the Executive Agent in accordance with section 4(b) of this order, each agency that originates or handles CUI shall provide the Executive Agent with a proposed plan for compliance with the requirements of this order, including the establishment of interim target dates" for implementation.

Problem Statement

Existing classified network capabilities including Secret Internet Protocol Router "SIPR" network and Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications, System "JWICS" are not meant to share CUI data presenting a "capability gap" in "multiagency information sharing". New ways to share and store CUI is required to achieve operational success pursuant to EO 13556. An extended enterprise capability that allows knowledge workers to share information efficiently yet fully protect CUI data is required, whether the data is shared from the office, or from a mobile device.

Securing Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is a prerequisite for interagency and civilian information sharing. Executive Order 13356 (EO 13556) sets new categories that require enhanced information security measures and ask Agency Heads to set a time table and present a proposed plan to implement this order. The CertainSafe Digital Vault goes beyond encrypted email to protect CUI from data breach and exploitation. We recommend a capability demonstration of CertainSafe to government agencies to present next-generation messaging and file security pursuant to EO 13556 objectives with follow-on funding to implement CertainSafe as required by order.

Contribution To Requirement

CertainSafe's commercial system, was originally developed for the financial community that can be applied to avail intra-agency user's highly secured cradle-to-grave and cost-effective commercial cloud document sharing, messaging and CUI security. The system uses a unique approach to MicroTokenize® the data to turn it BLACK(er). The system will allow multi-users to access BLACK data on the commercial cloud in a vendor independent manner through Defense Enterprise Computing Centers interfaces employing Type I encryption, appropriate Public/Private Key technologies and Secure Cloud Systems next-generation cyber-security methods and products.

Enhanced Government Capability

Department email and data are challenged by rapidly changing and evolving cyber threats many of which are unknown and high risk as the Department transitions from government data centers to the commercial cloud. Most investments in commercial cloud infrastructure secure the perimeter of the network in efforts to stop unauthorized access and data exploitation. Within this architecture advanced encryption is used to protect the network and the sensitive data therein. Department concerns over this architecture include advanced persistent threats, insider threat, lack of a net-centric/data centric security model and systems breach. Secure Cloud Systems Certainsafe proposed approach significantly increases and improves Department capabilities by using MicroTokenization™; a net-centric/data centric proprietary security method that protects any message and document from cradle-to-grave.

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