Five Advantages of Cloud Security as a Service

The market for cloud security as a service is currently at about $3 billion and is expected to grow to about $8 billion by 2020. This increasingly sophisticated technology may be your information security solution. Here are five advantages:

The System is Relatively Simple

Cloud security as a service is relatively simple compared to older methods of cyber security. It is essentially a cloud-based cyber security system that service providers make available to companies on a subscription basis. It provides corporations with protection in a number of different forms against internet-based cyber threats and attacks. Corporations no longer need to develop, implement, and manage their own security systems. This provides a one-stop-shop for information security.

Cloud Security as a Service is Cost-Effective

Because it isn’t necessary to purchase security hardware, cloud security provides a cheaper solution to security needs. Companies save money, no longer wasting it on trying to custom fit expensive infrastructure. By subscribing to an external service, companies only have to worry about paying a monthly fee instead of dumping money into maintenance and destroying their ROI.

No Need To Hire Additional Staff

According to a 2016 report by ESG and ISSA, 46% of 437 cyber security professionals surveyed reported a dearth of security skills in their organizations’ staff. Cloud security as a service is straightforward, creating an opportunity for unskilled security administrators to improve their basic knowledge of security functions. As the technology evolves and becomes more intuitive, the need for highly skilled professionals in organizations will decrease and more of the workforce will be able to manage security policies.

Outsourcing Control

Outsourcing information security saves companies time and energy. Instead of having an internal team of employees create and implement security policy, a trusted service provider manages everything. If your organization is considering offloading security onto an external manager, do your due diligence and carefully research your options.

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