Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is MicroEncryption more secure than my existing encryption?
    • MicroEncryption allows you to be in control of what you need to keep safe. You can choose to MicroEncrypt entire records, individual fields, documents or any other piece of information and ensure that it is highly secured off premise so that an intrusion into your system will yield no results.

  • Do you have an SDK for your API library?
    • Yes, the CertainSafe Digital Vault SDK provides developers access to our award winning MicroEncryption API technology. They can access our SDK library and connect utilizing a simple approach to secure system and application data. Our SDK provides levels of security designed for a Fortune 50 company at pricing that fits developers and companies of all sizes.
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  • How difficult is it to hack a token?
    • Tokens are not derived from the data in any way, so “hacking” a token does not reveal any information through unauthorized access. Any information derived from the attempted hack of a token is meaningless.

  • How are you different from DropBox, Google Docs, Microsoft Azure and other big cloud storage solutions?
    • Our key differentiation is security. Think of those other solutions as your neighborhood storage unit. There might be a fence around the storage lot, and there certainly is a lock on your specific unit. However, with CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box, we would be compared to a safety deposit box located within a an ultra-secure banking facility. Typically you would not put everything in this box, only your most important valuables.

  • When most cloud storage is free, why should I pay for your service?
    • Make no mistake. We are far more than a cloud storage company. Here at CertainSafe, we SECURE your most sensitive items. What you are paying for is highly secure, highly redundant, yet highly accessible data protection of your sensitive digital assets within our Digital Vault.

  • Why is your cloud storage and encryption better than our own?
    • CertainSafe Digital Vault deploys MicroEncryption  technology, which in turn provides a level of security unavailable elsewhere. Additionally, your most sensitive digital information becomes stored and secured off-premise, and therefore do not remain in your existing infrastructure.

  • Do I need to change my security policies to use CertainSafe?
    • No. Our services complement both your existing policies as well as encryption methods. Additionally, our digital vault is PCI and HIPAA certified, while our data centers provide a host of additional data security certifications.

  • What is the average retrieval time for files to be re-tokenized?
    • This is dependent on the size of the piece of data as well as your internet connection speeds. For example, if the data is a SSN#, credit card number, or a database item, it is accessible in a sub-seconds. Our testing has shown speeds as fast as 18 millisecond retrieval times during real-time use cases.

  • Do you have a “zero knowledge” privacy policy?
    • When data is secured and stored within the CertainSafe Digital Vault, it can only be accessed with the use of multi-part encryption keys. Half belongs to you, and half belongs to us. Nothing can be retrieved and or exposed without the entire key match architecture, so even we cannot expose your data on our own. Additionally, you do not manage keys. The CertainSafe platform manages the key process entirely, but again, our team cannot access your data.

  • What’s involved with writing a program call for our enterprise application?
    • Our enterprise application is available as a simple web service call. Any application on the web, or on a desktop, simply needs to send us the data to store in our CertainSafe Digital Vault. The secured data is available back to you when your authorized request is sent back to us to retrieve it. We can provide you a simple and easy to consume API(s).

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