How do I add a user to my organization?

Only an Admin of users can add users. An admin of users may add a user by selecting the “Manage Users” option on the top of any screen. You can add users individually or in bulk using a downloadable CSV file. TO add individually, click the “Add New User” Icon above the user list. Input the new users information. You can but you do not have to create a password for the user as and email notification will be sent to the new user with a link to set up their password and security profile. Select the user roles you want the user to have and select their time zone. once you have input all this information select “Add” at the bottom right. The user will now receive an email notification to set up their credentials. To bulk upload select the “Upload User List” Icon above the user list. Click the sample image to download the sample CSV file. Open the file on your computer and input the users First Name, Last Name and email address. Save the file with whatever name you would like. Go back to you account page and Select “Choose file” Choose the file then select upload. Once they users have been uploaded you will get a pop up screen that will allow you to check of the users roles. Once you have selected the users rolls, all the users will get an email notification that will allow that to set up their credentials.