Can I share with a non CertainSafe user?

Yes. Each organization is a allotted “guests” to share a folder with. They do not need to be a paid user but will still need to have the appropriate credentials to sign in and view a file. To share Folders safely and securely through CertainSafe, Click on the folder and select the blue “Share” icon under the folder path. You will get a pop up that will allow you to select the contacts that you wish to share with. If you are not contacts with someone that you wish to share with, click the “Add New Invite” icon and enter their information. Once the contacts are selected, decide their permissions by clicking the check box next to “Can upload, Can Download. Then select the date rage that you wish to share the file for and select the blue “Share” button on the bottom right of the window. When the appropriate permissions have been set an email will be sent to the end user with a link to login to CertainSafe or with registration information to sign up for a Guest Account where they can view your shared documents or secure messages.