Expanding File Sharing to Government and Other “Cloud-Fearing” Industries

As we discussed in our previous blog, the cloud-based FileShare market has exploded in recent years, drawing in millions of new users and creating new realities for how we store, share and transmit data. These new realities do come with risk, however, and those risks have kept cloud-fearing market segments – like government – from enjoying the new opportunities offered by commercial data storage and file sharing services.

Thus, as we are told by sources “in the know,” the majority of data storage and file sharing in government is near archaic in their methodologies. Government agencies and departments represent the greatest untapped market, and only CertainSafe™ is equipped to tap it.

CertainSafe’s Digital Vault “Bridges the Gap Between Security and Accessibility™”

CertainSafe, with its proprietary MicroEncryption™ process, continues to separate itself from the rest of the pack. As CertainSafe’s Digital Vault™, its “Core” product, continues to acquire clients, there will be a natural migration of these cloud-fearing clients to the CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box™.

Our products are changing the way sensitive data (including but not limited to “Compliant Data”) is stored both now and well into the future. Industries that would not consider any type of “Cloud” type storage in the past will now be able to securely store and retrieve data from our CertainSafe vault. CertainSafe will expand the file sharing market by attracting new market sectors, such as Healthcare, Government agencies and other industries with highly sensitive data to protect. To see how, read on.

CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box™

The ability of CertainSafe’s Digital Safety Deposit Box to easily Secure, Store, and Share information in near real-time while seamlessly integrating with all systems of all types with NOTHING TO INSTALL continues to catch the eye of nearly every technology expert that has been sampled. It boasts an incredibly simplistic user interface and user experience. No other system offers the features and benefits package that CertainSafe provides. It truly is the simplest, easiest, least intrusive, most powerful and most secured platform available in the marketplace today.

CertainSafe Secure Portals™

Thanks to our newest product release, “Secure Portals”, CertainSafe is breaking new ground and rapidly expanding into other sectors where “BOX” type products have rarely if ever have been available. Our Secure Portals help to solve a variety of issues for a variety of industries, offering unique, individualized and branded Portals designed to meet industry-specific needs. By keeping information accessible and consumable, critical and sensitive data indeed can be stored in the “Cloud”.

Unique Benefits Offered by CertainSafe

CertainSafe offers a variety of benefits, including the inherent ability to secure all types of data. Beyond the basic firewalls and encryption standards, CertainSafe’s technology offers unparalleled and unequalled levels of security while maintaining accessibility and speed.

  • 7 Kill Zones – CertainSafe maintains a minimum of 7 kill zones for each individual record/file. This does not include proprietary and adaptable Smart Credentialing™ technology.
  • Secure Messaging – Our unique “Secure Messaging” systems, within the Digital Safety Deposit Box, allows users to apply a “Real-time” message to a document/file while maintaining the same proprietary security standards and methodologies throughout CertainSafe. This highly advanced CertainSafe technology is unique & adaptable, and can easily be customized and “White Labeled” for clients of all sizes.
  • Built-in Audit Trail – Additionally, CertainSafe comes standard with an extensive built-in audit trail. This includes singular Doc/File audit capability tracking of each access point, creation, viewing, revision and/or share, including the who, what, where, when and how. It’s all fully documented and will pass any type internal or external audit.
  • Plugins – Our platforms are offered through Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word “Plug-ins”, eliminating the need for an additional “Encrypted Email service”, of which most are not securing data anyway.

Who Uses CertainSafe?

CertainSafe appeals to all persons, agencies, and companies that manage, maintain, or move others’ personal data and/or information. CertainSafe’s high-level “Compliant” platform offers users requiring PCI, PFI, PHI, PII, and or HIPAA compliancy and security, a cost-effective and efficient means of protection – as well as accessibility – while maintaining complete tracking and control. As more and more “Sharing” takes place, CertainSafe’s systems will continue to “Self Propagate” and rapidly expand upon themselves, crossing market to market, person to person and business to business, a majority of which will take place in a fully automated environment.

CertainSafe is a revolution in cloud security that Bridges the Gap Between Security and Accessibility™. To learn more, visit our homepage or contact us today!