Why Employees Are A Threat To Your Business’ Cybersecurity

Small businesses are a big target for hackers. They are low hanging fruit that can give hackers big financial rewards. So, don’t think that just because your business is small that it is immune to cyberattacks. By not investing in a concrete cybersecurity plan, you leave your business exposed to hackers. Without solid cybersecurity practices, your data and your client’s data are defenseless against unwanted users. Having the most up to date antivirus program and strong firewalls are a great place to start. But, more is needed in order to ensure that your cybersecurity is taken seriously. One of the most important aspects to take a look at is human error. Your employees or even you could inadvertently expose private data that could end up costing your business customers, profits, and credibility. Let’s take a look at how this is possible and why everyone at your business should be practicing good cybersecurity habits.


1. Employees Are Tricked

A lot of cyberattacks end up being successful because of human error. Most of these stem from phishing email attacks. These fraudulent emails can trick employees into giving up passwords or even credit numbers. This is because they can disguise themselves as valid and reputable sources and therefore are very effective in obtaining access to sensitive info.


2. Outside Devices That Aren’t Secure

Small businesses offer employees the ability to use their personal devices. However, these devices, if already infected, can infect your network – thereby exposing your data. The problem can also be worsened due to the fact that it could take some time before an employee notices that their device was infected. Protect your business by setting up strict rules that won’t allow this type of attack to occur.


3. How To Educate Yourself and Your Employees

All employees, including you, should undergo cybersecurity training. This is so that basic practices are learned. This includes things such as changing passwords often, keeping them hard to guess, only using approved software, being vigilant against fraudulent emails, and much more.

Your employees are arguably the most important asset of your business. Empower them with cybersecurity knowledge so that they may safeguard your data and your client’s data!

Small businesses need to be prepared for the 21st century. That’s why CertainSafe® is here to help. We understand your needs for security and for protecting your data. To find out more information, check out our services.