Data storage demand to multiply four-fold by 2025

Only 5.5 Zeta bytes of storage were required in the last 10 years. A recent study has predicted that data storage demand will multiply by a factor of four by 2025 to a mind-boggling size of 19 Zeta bytes. To put that number in perspective, one Zeta byte is 1 trillion gigabytes.

Why Data Storage Demand Matters

So, we need more data storage. The next question is: “So what?” The headlines will say that we are on the cusp of a massive boom in data storage demand. The headline behind the headline might be what the aftereffects are.

Besides spurring a need for more data analysts, the increase in data storage will massively increase the need for cloud storage security. The ease and efficiency the cloud brings to business operations has always been undercut by security vulnerabilities. Too much control and you have so many roadblocks that your company can’t get anything done; too little control and your company’s sensitive data can be opened up to cybercriminals.    

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