Surprise! Data Breaches More Common and Preventable Than You Think

A recent study on cybersecurity by Metalogix and Ponemon Institute shows that data breaches are more common than we would think, but that there are technologies and governance strategies available to minimize risk. The report spans multiple industries and countries. It is a must-read for companies concerned with protecting sensitive information.

Important Statistics on Data Breaches

The report, Handle with Care: Protecting Sensitive Data in Microsoft SharePoint, Collaboration Tools, and File Share Applications, is based on a survey of 1,403 participants from Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. According to the report:

  • One in two of the organizations in the report had experienced at least one data breach in SharePoint.
  • 63 perfect of respondents stated that they are not specifically aware of where confidential information from their company is being stored.
  • More than half of survey participants do not believe that their organization does enough to ensure that sensitive data on SharePoint is being handled appropriately by users.

Insufficient Security Practices

Also according to the survey, most companies do not have adequate policies and procedure in place for the official use of Dropbox, Box, or other similar cloud-based storage systems. The majority of organizations do not conduct audits of SharePoint, which could inform such policies and procedures, as well as indicate areas for improved security.

The Need for Data Loss Prevention

“With the right tools and policies in place, users are empowered to handle content responsibly and organizations can meet compliance and security responsibilities,” stated Steve Marsh, Vice President of Product Management at