Cybersecurity Incidents Double in 2018; More on the way?

Cybersecurity incidents doubled in 2017 compared to the previous year, from 82,000 incidents in 2016 to an roughly 160,000 in 2017, marking the worst ever year for data breaches.  

Why the sudden and dramatic rise in cybersecurity incidents? Ransomware, experts at the Online Trust Alliance say, which accounted for an estimated 134,000 of the attacks, or 83 percent. Because many data breaches go unreported, especially ransomware attacks, the total number of cybersecurity incidents could actually be much higher.

The most dramatic cybersecurity incidents, like the infamous WannaCry attack, infected over 300,000 devices across 150 countries. The cost of a typical data breach was over $3 million, 10% costlier than a similar attack the year prior. The increase in cost is due to the unfortunate reality that cyber criminals are advancing their tactics at a faster pace than their targets can advance their defense. In the United States, a data breach costs more than the global average: $7.35 million per incident.

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