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“Thank you very much for your quick response. Your customer service and response time is beyond any other vendor we work with. I truly appreciate the attention. We will continue to recommend your company to anyone who wants to listen.”

Steve May


Foster Crown, LLC

“CertainSafe is proven intelligence beyond the criminal mind. It is The Silver Bullet of Cyberterrorism, because CertainSafe is an overlay of new intelligence that brings an end to risk of a mass data breach.”

Patrick Earles


The Venture Foundry

“Real Estate transactions contains all of the consumer personal and financial information for each party connected to the lending and closing process. It is critically important that this data be secure and protected from cyber-criminals as well as compliant with regulatory requirements and best practices. CertainSafe’s file-sharing, collaboration, and secure messaging tool gives the Land Settlement industry an effective data security component.”

Rick Diamond

VP Technology

Williston Financial Group

“The industry landscape has and continues to be riddled with mass data breaches. No business segment is immune and the issue appears to be worsening. For companies dealing in information that requires safeguarding, CertainSafe is among the industry leaders and continues to provide new and innovative information security solutions. Their diverse solution portfolio offers a menu of data security solutions to protect sensitive digital assets.”

Christopher J. Gulotta

CEO & Founder

Real Estate Data Shield, Inc.

“In today’s volatile cyber world, data security plans require highly innovative and specialized expertise. CertainSafe’s data security provisions are truly world-class, offering any size business the opportunity to secure data for clients and themselves.”

Scott W. Roller

Principal / Founder

3W Partners LLC

“As cyber-attacks become increasingly frequent, domestically and globally, businesses and consumers are under pressure to choose how to protect their sensitive and private information, and are seeking a proven cyber-security firm to assist. CertainSafe has a rich and diverse portfolio of data security solutions, enabling enterprises and individuals the ability to safeguard their digital assets.”

Richard Purcell


Corporate Privacy GroupFormer Chief Privacy Officer at Microsoft

“I have had the pleasure of working with the management team and cybersecurity experts at CertainSafe. They are extremely knowledgeable and well versed in the intricacies of this highly sensitive and complex topic of technology and data security. I found their approach to inform, educate, train and bring awareness to the industry through their knowledge and expertise extremely valuable.”

Bob Skalstad

Director of Industry Relations

Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company

“For over a decade we have diligently ensured the security and integrity of our client’s data. With increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, posing serious concerns of data and identity theft, CertainSafe was the obvious choice for Clear To Close Services in regards to setting the standard for security in the title and settlement sourcing industry.”

Aanchal Bali

Vice President of Business Development

Clear To Close Services

“CertainSafe is the leading provider in data security protection.”

Tony Jimenez



“Securing the cloud has been the elephant in the room for virtually all e-commerce and filesharing applications. The CertainSafe approach to cloud security may be the most brilliant and effective that I’ve seen to date, in an area that is critical if Net-based commerce, applications, and transactions are to go forward.”

Mark Anderson


Strategic News Service

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