Congress Passes Controversial Cyber-Security Bill

On December 18th 2015, Congress passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015, which merges three smaller-scale cyber bills that were passed nearly six months ago. The objective of the bill is to aid the government in combating hackers by accessing the data of private companies. Detractors of the bill are calling it a “backdoor wiretap” that will give the government access to personal information of millions of Americans without the need for a warrant. Supporters of the bill, such as Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, hail the Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Act as a huge step forward for the economy and national security. So, what does it mean for you and your business?

The Other Side

The most difficult portion of the bill to finalize was the language for the “portal,” or the method in which companies will share information about cyber threats and hackers with the government. For months, the proposed information portal was the Department of Homeland Security. In its final form, the law will allow companies to share their information with various law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security. Digital rights groups, tech companies, and privacy advocates are protesting that this method will breach the privacy of the public. Their fear is that the law will funnel huge stores of personal data to law enforcement, who will then use it for surveillance instead of data security.

Data Anonymity Provisions Removed

In its final iteration, the Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Act removes many of the anonymity provisions that privacy advocates fought for months to protect. The White House and lawmakers like Feinstein assert that strict privacy protections are in place, and that information sharing is crucial if we’re going to identify the source of foreign cyber-attacks and protect ourselves from them as a country.

Will CISA Make Your Company Safer?

The conflict between government protection and personal liberty is as old as government itself, and it’s no wonder that the issue has now moved into the digital realm. The Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Act of 2015 is an improvement over its earlier forms, and. In the long term, it should improve the way our country responds to cyber-attacks and breaches. In the end, insurance companies, lenders, and large corporations will still rely on the private sector, where companies like CertainSafe have developed advanced proprietary data protection software to protect them from the immediate threat of cyber-attacks.

Flawless Data Protection from CertainSafe

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