Communication, Cybersecurity and Control in one Secure Portal

Communication, Cybersecurity and Control: Your Secure Portal

CertainSafe’s Secure Portal is an ultra-secure, private online site that allows groups to share files, information, and messages.

Secure Portals allow you to safely store any file type in the CertainSafe Safety Deposit Box. You are in control — share it with only those who you wish to grant access. Our branded Secure Portals for businesses allow you to incorporate your company logo and colors while helping clients recognize the value your service adds. A branded Secure Portal is a great way to bolster your brand and show your clients protecting their privacy is a top priority.

Best of all, it’s easy! There is no application or software to install. It offers in-app integration with Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Word 2013 (or higher), real-time file retrieval, team file cabinets and live chat for secure collaboration, and comprehensive audit trails and version control. Store any document, file or image (up to 2GB) with simple “drag-and-drop” functionality.

As the frequency and scope of data breaches continue to grow, companies that deal with secure information need to be more cautious than ever. CertainSafe is an information security industry leader that offers a diverse solutions portfolio.

Who Uses Our Secure Portal?

We offer specialized portals catering to the specific needs of many industries.
? Real Estate Transactions Portal
? Portal provides multiple levels of security combined with industry compliancy. CertainSafe is approved by leading lenders and underwriters so you can be sure your information is secure.

? Banks & Credit Unions Portal
? CertainSafe’s Micro Encryption and Micro Tokenization enable concrete protection of all payment transactions while providing a PCI compliant end-to-end payment experience for your clients.

? Education Portal
? Never worry about the security of Student Documents again. Gain personal information protection compliance that exceeds government requirements for securing sensitive information.

We also offer specialized portals for Financial Professionals, Government Agencies and Contractors, Healthcare, Human Resources, Insurance, Legal Professionals, Non-Profits, Notary Services, and a portal for Personal Use.

Live Webinars Twice a Week

Be sure to sign up for a webinar to learn more about Secure Portals! We offer them every Tuesday at 11:00 AM CST and every Thursday at 2:00 PM CST. Visit our webinar registration page to sign up today!