3 Cloud Storage Security Solutions That Fight Back Against Hackers

According to ComputerWeekly, hackers are increasingly targeting cloud services. This is because more and more businesses are turning to cloud storage services to store their data. However, these businesses need to be smart about their cloud security. Cloud store services need to beef up their cloud security measures in order to combat this growing problem. This is why, in order to increase cloud security, that there is a shift towards blockchain based cloud storage platforms. This type of cloud will allow for three key solutions.


1. Increased Cloud Security

A blockchain based cloud storage service changes the way we deal with security. Everything is essentially tracked and logged in a digital ledger so that the data cannot be deleted or altered without the authorized user’s permission. It also changes how the data is stored. Instead of the data being stored at a central sever, it is actually spread across multiple data centers, thereby avoiding the problems associated with any possible outage that can occur to a centralized cloud service. Additionally, the user has control on giving access to who gets to view their data – which reduces the risk of unauthorized users gaining access.


2. Increased Transparency From Cloud Storage Providers

Businesses want to trust their cloud storage providers by having them be more transparent. The more transparency from a cloud storage provider, the better the relationship can be between them and the business. Because, at the end of the day it is the business’ data and it needs to be protected. Total transparency needs to be addressed, especially with centralized cloud services since it is controlled by one service and not a decentralized one.


3. Token Economy

With a blockchain based cloud storage system, token economics can easily be implemented. The way it works is that it eliminates the need for the traditional billing and bank account setup with sensitive customer information to one with randomly generated codes that lose their value after being used. This reduces the costs associated with cloud storage services because it creates a cheaper method that will save money. Businesses are instead purchasing tokens for storage space that they can then sell when they no longer need the space.

It is important to look at different and evolving forms of cloud storage services for the future. As the technology changes and as our notion of cloud security changes, it is critical to look at the number of ways that cloud security can increase.


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