Security Brush Up: Cloud Security vs. Traditional IT Systems

More and more studies are emerging that clearly illustrate that cloud security is preferable to traditional IT systems. There has been quite a bit of pushback in the IT world, though. Accepting this notion is not easy to many professionals partly because cloud computing is counterintuitive and just feels less secure than traditional approaches. For decades, people have grown accustomed to seeing where their data is stored. They want to feel in control. Seeing is believing, right? Not anymore.

The Statistics: Cloud Are More Secure Than Traditional Systems

The findings in Alert Logic’s Fall 2012 State of Cloud Security Report reveal that cloud security is preferable to traditional security systems. According to the report:

  • Cyber attacks are opportunistic; therefore, both on-premises environments and service provider environments have equal chances of being targeted.
  • In reality, though, on-premises environment users are attacked more frequently than service provider environment users, with average attacks of 61.4 and 27.8 respectively.
  • What matters most in securing data is the means of accessing data, not the physical location of where the data is stored.
  • Cloud-based platform developers are more security and governance-focused than those who build transitional systems that exist inside firewalls.

Best Practices For Developing A Cyber Security Strategy

  • Evaluate what the security and governance needs for your company’s data.
  • Focus on controlling access to data. Where are there opportunities for a breach?
  • Test your system regularly. Vulnerability testing is critical to a secure system.
  • Strongly consider using cloud security.

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