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Client Portals

Provide a new level of security to connect with each client individually.

Provide a personalized environment for your clients and staff to work with absolute security, all from the safe haven of your branded Client Portal.

Gain Trust

Protect your clients' information from getting into the wrong hands. Your staff and clients can save data or collaborate without risk and without having to install any additional software. We create a custom Client Portal for you with your company's logo and brand colors. Just login and work in total security.

White Label Branding

Individualize your firm's Client Portal with our White Label personalization. Your client's user experience can be branded with your company logo and colors.
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Everything In One Safe Place

Don't waste time or risk the exposure of your client's sensitive data by jumping around from program to program just to transfer documents or collaborate on projects. Your Client Portal allows you to engage with your clients all from a secure single location. Easily store documents or share sensitive files and reports with your clients' in only a few clicks.


Your Client Portal has you covered, just one click and privately message your clients without worrying about the fear of eavesdropping.


Our audit trails and version control give you a comprehensive history of interactions in the Client Portal including who viewed, commented, downloaded, uploaded, revised, shared, or moved it and when!


You can also set specific user permissions with expiration dates to ensure that only the right people are accessing what, when and how they are authorized by you.

Both your time and data are valuable, so don't risk either.

Eliminate third party installations such as slow VPN and FTP services. Login to your Client Portal anywhere through easy to use web interface from your computer, tablet or phone and be working in seconds. CertainSafe ensures to both you and your client that the necessary steps have been taken to work with a level of data security never before possible.


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