CertainSafe Releases Security as a Service SDK for Developers


CertainSafe Releases Security as a Service SDK for Developers
Colorado Springs, CO, USA 5/5/2016

CertainSafe, a global provider of highly secure data security solutions, today announced the release of the CertainSafe Security as a Service SDK (software development kit), to give developers access to its award-winning MicroTokenization® and MicroEncryption® API technology for a simple, cost effective approach to secure system and application data at a level never before thought possible. A free trial is provided for evaluations and proof of concepts. Learn more and free trial sign up at https://certainsafe.com/custom-solutions/

“With the CertainSafe Security as a Service SDK, cyber-security technology that was initially developed for government agencies as well as the Fortune 50 companies is now available to developers for clients of all sizes.” said Steven Russo, CertainSafe Executive Vice President. “We believe that allowing affordable access to CertainSafe’s revolutionary technology will aid in the protection and security of sensitive information by changing the way data is stored.”

CertainSafe’s Security as a Service SDK is easy to integrate into a software solution and or company’s infrastructure via a simple API implementation. The CertainSafe engine was developed through extensive experience in data security, and utilizes proprietary MicroTokenization and MicroEncryption technologies to provide more than seven layers of security. Because of delivering both a robust and uniquely innovative platform to secure sensitive data, PC Magazine has awarded CertainSafe with its coveted Technical Excellence Award in Security. Additionally, Certainsafe has been chosen as PCMag’s Editors’ Choice for years, 2014, 2015, and 2016 respectively.

CertainSafe’s MicroTokenization replaces sensitive data individually, one piece at a time, with a unique and opaque MicroToken. A MicroToken is similar to a traditional token that is currently in use by the credit card industry, but with one major difference. Traditional tokens are limited to 16 characters/digits while CertainSafe can individually tokenize up to 2 GB of data. The original data is transferred to the CertainSafe Digital Vault where yet another layer of protection is deployed called MicroEncryption. MicroEncryption is CertainSafe’s proprietary technology that breaks the encrypted original data apart into many segments. It then scatters the MicroEncrypted bits across multiple hard drives, and stores them in different physical locations. Both records, as well as individualized fields within a database can be MicroEncrypted and tokenized separately, ensuring that each and every piece of sensitive data is individually protected.

When both MicroTokenization along with MicroEncryption are deployed the end result is a PCI DSS Level 1 certified, PFI and HIPAA compliant level of security unmatched in the industry that allows real-time access to data. Any developer integrating the CertainSafe SDK into its security methodologies provides unprecedented levels of security for files, messages, entire credit card transactions or any fields of a database. When a hacker gains access to system protected by CertainSafe, they only find useless tokens with no way of finding where the original data is being stored.

The timing of the CertainSafe SDK could not be better for IT professionals according to the San Diego-based Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), a non-profit organization, which provides victim assistance and consumer education on security breaches. Data breaches in 2016 are on pace to break records both in the number of breaches and records exposed. By adding the API services of CertainSafe, the IT community can add cyber-security to their professional services portfolio.

For more information about the CertainSafe Security as a Service SDK see: https://certainsafe.com/ custom-solutions/

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