CertainSafe Adds Former Director for US Department of Homeland Security and Former Chief Privacy Officer for Microsoft as Board Members


New additions bolster impressive roster of leading cyber-security and privacy experts

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 25, 2015 PRNewswire-

CertainSafe, the award winning global data security firm, today introduced two distinguished members to their advisory board: Mr. Richard Marshall and Mr. Richard Purcell. Both gentlemen have extensive backgrounds in data security and privacy in both the public and private sectors.


Richard Marshall is the former Director of Global Cyber-security Management for the US Department of Homeland Security. Within DHS he directed the National Cyber Security Education Strategy? and the Software Assurance? Research and Standards Integration. Marshall also spent over a decade with the National Security Agency on national security telecommunications and technology transfer policies and programs, where he also helped shape the passage of the revised Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Richard Purcell is the CEO of Corporate Privacy Group, an independent information management consultancy and the former Chief Privacy Officer for Microsoft. Richard has been widely recognized as an expert in the field of information privacy and data protection for over two decades. He has chaired TRUSTe’s Board of Directors, as well as the DHS Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee. Mr. Purcell has also served as a Director for International Association of Privacy Professionals, was a founding member of Conference Board’s Council of Chief Privacy Officers and served on the FTC Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security. He also developed Privacy by 3PT: A Management Model and ACT: A Privacy Education Model.
Marshall and Purcell join an advisory board that includes Congressman and former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Pete Hoekstra. “I’m honored to join the Advisory Board. CertainSafe has cracked the code on how to properly secure data that’s both at rest and at motion,” says Richard Marshall. “This has huge implications for companies of all sizes, in all industries. I’m privileged to lend my decades of expertise in cyber-security to help ensure that sensitive data remains secured.

“Information has become the lifeblood of our economies,” says Richard Purcell. “CertainSafe is a leader in protecting the information we need to be safe, informed and happy. I am proud to add my expertise to the board.” “CertainSafe is honored and excited at the expansion of our Advisory Board,” says Steven R. Russo, Executive Vice President of CertainSafe. “We continue to attract exceptional professionals who are the preeminent experts in their fields that will guide us to become the top provider of data protection. Their endorsement of our MicroEncryption technology validates the idea of tokenizing data. These recent additions, along with our current advisory board members, continue to bolster our position in the private and public sector as well as among the cyber-security community.”

CertainSafe utilizes proprietary MicroEncryption technology that uses MicroTokenization to encrypt each file individually down to the byte level, something no other file sharing service can provide. It is the only file sharing service to offer PCI DSS Level 1 Certified data storage. CertainSafe users can store HIPAA, PCI, PFI, PHI, PII as well as other types of sensitive data that require compliance.

CertainSafe has won numerous accolades, including PC Magazine’s coveted Editors’ Choice Award, PC Magazine’s Technical Excellence Award in Security, as well as an International Business Award. 

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CertainSafe’s mission is to make the world safer, one byte at a time. Through their proprietary
MicroTokenization® technology, file sharing and data storage is made secure from breaches. CertainSafe’s PCI DSS Level 1 Certification separates them from others in the file sharing and collaboration marketplace and means all CertainSafe users can store HIPAA, PCI, PFI, PHI, PII as well as other types of sensitive data requiring compliance.

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