A Guide for Understanding the New Paradigm

Executive Vice President – CertainSafe Email:   srusso@certainsafe.com   Introduction The New Reality The ever present threat of cyber-attack underscored by the recent array of mass-data breaches in most sectors of the economy are forcing business of all sizes to take action. Most of all, companies are rushing to buy insurance coverage against the expense of losing sensitive customer information. Cyber insurance has graduated from a faraway thought to somewhat of a necessity; however, obtaining insurance should not be the only line of defense. You would not insure your property without first making a reasonable effort to protect it from disaster. Good…Read More

Five Ways Law Firms Leave Themselves Vulnerable to Hackers | Legaltech News

5/13/2015 Law firms hold critical, privileged and sensitive information entrusted to them, which by default, makes them prime targets for hackers. Enhancing security controls while finding new ways to secure and store client’s information on the firm’s network is imperative for any law firm hoping to not become the data breach headline of the day. A single breach in security will have an impact on a law firm’s reputation and potentially put them out of business, or worse, on the wrong side of the law. Legal professionals need to ensure that sensitive data and communications remain “blacked out” except to authorized users, even if traditional…Read More

Failed Cyber Security Legislation

By Steven R. Russo                                                                                                                             8/02/2012 Executive Vice President of Secure Cloud Systems   A cyber security bill that was intended to have set security standards for the nation’s critical computer network governing infrastructure was blocked by a Republican filibuster in the Senate…Read More

Schools of Higher Education – Securing Data from Exploitation and Cyber Attack

There is a time tested saying that generally applies to the realities of today: “The best defense is a good offense.” As it applies to cyber security, the premise is that “new ways to secure data” are required to enhance and support existing defenses. CertainSafe is a leader in data-centric security solutions that “protect data at rest and data in motion” even when a breach of existing network and data center security defenses occurs. In The News Feb 19 COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — The President of the University of Maryland says that “a computer security attack breached a database…Read More