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5 Advantages Cloud Storage Brings Businesses

In the age of technology where almost every piece of information is stored online, we see the need to protect that valuable information from unwanted eyes. Different cloud storage services offer various solutions for businesses such as data storage, sharing files and backup services. Using cloud storage for business is a must. It’s taking over almost every aspect of technology, today. If you haven’t taken the time to consider using cloud storage for your small business just yet, this a perfect opportunity to read and review some of the advantages that cloud storage will bring. Cost advantage The first…Read More

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What Is Data Privacy and Why is it Important?

In the age of technological development, data privacy has become even more prevalent than ever before. Long ago, individuals used fireproof safes, solid steel safe boxes or rent safety deposit boxes at banks to preserve all of their critical and confidential information. However, the transition from older forms of security has now switched to digitization. Lockboxes with combination locking aren’t needed as they once were. Today, it’s all about the digital vault. For businesses, this is particularly important for their customer’s private information security. Yet, not everyone knows what data privacy is and how to protect themselves from a…Read More

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Privacy in the Age of Oversharing: How You Can Protect Your Data

It’s an undisputed fact that we live in the age of oversharing. People tend to share different kinds of information on the Internet. Frequently, we don’t even think about the consequences that relate to the data we share, we simply hit ‘post’. This brings up the question about the privacy of individuals and different ways we can protect the data we share and overshare on social media. The Facts on Hacks A data breach or data leak happens when an unauthorized individual, application or service tries to access, view or retrieve certain sensitive data. This way a hacker gains…Read More

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Top 6 Tips for Internet Safety at Work

How many times have you heard “Don’t worry, it’s nothing!” at your workplace when something extremely unusual happens to the company computer? Maybe it was a glitch or an array of pop-ups that followed a click, one after the other. Or maybe it was something more than that like a data breach. However, no one caught the act in its earliest stages due to the negligence of cyber security awareness. In times where attention to internet safety is imperative, companies often overlook its fundamental importance. Every business and its employees must be prepared for worst case scenarios and take…Read More

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Top 5 Tips to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

October 1st marked the first day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. In light of this month’s shared responsibility theme, we’d like to discuss the importance of working together to improve cybersecurity. As the usage of mobile devices, in-home devices, and the internet of things increase, it is our responsibility to implement basic security practices in our everyday lives. In today’s post, we discuss the ‘Top 5 Tips to Prevent Ransomware Attacks’ and intertwine a few startling statistics to bring awareness toward one very important subject:  cybersecurity. What is Ransomware If you aren’t familiar with what ransomware is and…Read More