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7 Tips for Keeping Client Data Secure

Since information hacking is constantly a hot topic, you, as a business owner or manager, are responsible for doing everything in your power to protect your clients’ data. All kinds of personal data may of interest to hackers: names, addresses, Social Security numbers or credit card numbers. Moreover, businesses of all sizes are potential targets for hackers. Business bank accounts are often larger than individual ones, so it’s more profitable and easier to go undetected for a longer period of time. If you think you won’t be a victim of a data breach, don’t be so sure because you…Read More

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6 Security Risks of Enterprises Using Cloud Storage and File Sharing Apps

As companies transition to the cloud, employees are using file sharing and cloud storage in their business communications to mitigate security risks. Different cloud storage applications enable employees to create, store and control great amounts of data. However, not every cloud storage can offer the security a company needs. Unlike other cloud storage services, CertainSafe’s Digital Safety Deposit Box offers the highest level of cyber security you can find with military-grade encryption. Below, we list some of the cybersecurity risks that are associated with many cloud services that you should be aware of. No control over data When companies…Read More

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5 Reasons to Make Security a Priority for File Transfers

The importance of secure file sharing for every type of business is on the rise. Most individuals seem to be aware of it, yet somehow fail to implement security best practices. After continually hearing how companies experience severe data breaches, many business owners feel concerned about their sensitive data and how susceptible it may be to being stolen or compromised. In order to further emphasize the importance of data security, we’ll provide you with five reasons why secure file sharing for businesses is essential in the age of technological development. Growing value of data Data is becoming more and…Read More

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5 Reasons Why Electronic Health Records are More Secure than Paper Records

Traditionally, patient health records are kept as handheld, paper copies. Yet, more and more doctors are transitioning away from paper to digitization. Not only are electronic health records more convenient to access, they aid organizations in increasing communication, collaboration within a team setting, accessibility, space, and often, money. If you’re still not convinced in progressive, electronic health records, read on to discover its many advantageous benefits. Only authorized users have access When you have paper records, it’s possible that individuals who are not authorized to see specific patient data have easy access to view patient files. This is may…Read More

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5 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Almost every type of small business collects data on customers. They all have valuable information that they store using digital tools. So, what do data breaches for small businesses mean? Your business’ important information and customer data may be targeted by hackers any time. In order to protect their small business from data breaches, small business owners have to take certain precautionary measures. This means that every business has to have an established set of procedures and practices that need to be followed by everyone in the company. CertainSafe has come up with a list of cybersecurity tips for…Read More