10 Questions Every Business Should Ask Their Cloud Security Provider

You put a lot of faith in your cloud security provider. You trust that their security is better than yours. Nut how much do you really know? Here are 10 questions to ask your cloud security provider. What cloud security aspects is your business responsible for? Where does your responsibility end and where does theirs begin? Will your data be encrypted in transit and at rest? Don’t settle for general statements like “We will encrypt your data.” What security certifications does the provider possess? In addition to being certified SAS 70, CertainSafe® maintains databases in PCI DSS Level 1 Certified,…Read More

Breach Response Poor Following the Equifax Hack

Equifax, one the three main credit reporting agencies in the country, recently disclosed that a recent data breach may have impacted as many as 143 million Americans. On September 26, Equifax CEO Richard Smith announced his retirement. Data stolen in the breach includes 209,000 credit card numbers as well as millions of names, Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates, drivers license numbers, etc. But what may be more concerning than the hack itself is Equifax’s breach response. Poor Breach Response Compounds Hack’s Damage First, the company took 6 weeks to disclose the breach, which gave hackers ample time to use…Read More

Hackers Gain Hands-On Access to US Power Grid

In an age when hackers and cyber-attacks seem to be in the news every day, extraordinary attacks with greater consequences can get lost in the headlines. That seems to be exactly what happened this week when it was announced that a series of attacks not only compromised the data of US and European energy companies, but also gave the intruders actual hands-on access to power grid operations. The intruders had enough control that they could have actually induced blackouts on U.S. soil at will – disrupting not only business, but also putting lives at risk. The Attack In the spring…Read More

Government Cybersecurity Still Lacking, Study Shows

Government cybersecurity is very much a tale of two cities. Agencies that deal with money, weapons programs, and intelligence tend to be pretty secure. Those that don’t, like the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), have a history of high-profile hacks. Though some gains in defense have been made by the OPM and the IRS, a recent analysis of 552 local, state, and federal organizations found serious deficiencies. These include: Not replacing outdated software Not patching current software Password reuse on administrative accounts Lax individual endpoint defense, including under-protected or unprotected Internet of Things devices Poor management of devised exposed to…Read More

Data storage demand to multiply four-fold by 2025

Only 5.5 Zeta bytes of storage were required in the last 10 years. A recent study has predicted that data storage demand will multiply by a factor of four by 2025 to a mind-boggling size of 19 Zeta bytes. To put that number in perspective, one Zeta byte is 1 trillion gigabytes. Why Data Storage Demand Matters So, we need more data storage. The next question is: “So what?” The headlines will say that we are on the cusp of a massive boom in data storage demand. The headline behind the headline might be what the aftereffects are. Besides spurring a…Read More