Online File Sharing Giant Admits Failing Cloud Security Protocol

A recent admission by Dropbox that it had inadvertently retained user files for as long as seven years has raised concerns about cloud security at the online file sharing giant. A story covered by Australian news source iTnews indicates that Dropbox failed to follow its own security policies when retaining files that users of this service believed had been deleted permanently. This error could have allowed the exposure of trade secrets and confidential information transferred or stored by Dropbox users. Dropbox Blames a Glitch in its Software for Lax Cloud Security Dropbox is attributing this security failure to a glitch…Read More

Secure Portals: Communication, Collaboration, Flexibility and Yes, Security

What are secure portals, you may ask? Communication, collaboration and security rolled into one. The increased prevalence of bring-your-own-device policies in the modern workplace can present real security risks for large and small businesses alike. A recent article published in Fast Company magazine outlines the issues that may face IT departments because of these changes in the working environment. Inconsistent Security Could Spell Trouble When staff members are allowed or encouraged to bring their own laptops, tablets and other computing devices into the work environment, they also bring along a set of security issues that your IT department may not…Read More

Expanding File Sharing to Government and Other “Cloud-Fearing” Industries

As we discussed in our previous blog, the cloud-based FileShare market has exploded in recent years, drawing in millions of new users and creating new realities for how we store, share and transmit data. These new realities do come with risk, however, and those risks have kept cloud-fearing market segments – like government – from enjoying the new opportunities offered by commercial data storage and file sharing services. Thus, as we are told by sources “in the know,” the majority of data storage and file sharing in government is near archaic in their methodologies. Government agencies and departments represent the…Read More

Truly Secure File Sharing and Data Storage Have Arrived

All FileShare, Storage, Box Products are not Created Equal The term “cloud” conjures up a variety of definitions. Many people are just beginning to grasp what “Cloud” really means with regard to technology. One definition states, “The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than on a local server.” This definition has spawned three prominent and distinct business opportunities. The first is allowing secure data storage and backup for companies and individuals. The second is the function of file sharing, which has fueled the growth of companies such…Read More

SEC Emphasizes Financial Firms’ Cybersecurity Obligations

Ensuring the safety of investors and maintaining orderly financial markets are the two primary directives of the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) — which includes addressing issues of cybersecurity and data integrity. In November 2016, the Commission’s Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issued a Letter of Consent that revealed significant new policy requirements in this area coming down the pike for financial operators. Financial Cybersecurity Obligations: Issue Background Since the November 2000 establishment of Regulation S-T (Privacy of Consumer Financial Information), the SEC has compelled all financial actors to maintain written procedures that create holistic safeguards for the protection…Read More