5 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats of 2019

It’s a fact that cybersecurity is becoming one of the most crucial issues people and companies are facing over the last few years. Data breaches are more frequent and more sophisticated as time passes. There is no sign that 2019 might be better. On the contrary, hackers and cybersecurity threats are just evolving.

Even if you’re prepared or are preparing for a new year that brings new threats to data including sensitive data, client or personal data theft or identity theft; you should be aware of some of the latest security threats so you can do everything in your power to protect yourself, your company and clients.

Below, we’ve listed five major threats that are most serious in the coming year ahead.


There is no slowing down for ransomware attacks. These attacks have been some of the more frequent ones, if not the leading threat to cybersecurity. It’s popular among cybercriminals because it requires little work and when done right the return can be huge. Ransomware gains access and takes control over the computer and locks the end-user out completely unless the user pays the required sum of money, i.e. a ransom.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are created to steal personal information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, financial information etc. They are very simple and have been used since the dawn of the internet. They have been on the rise since 2017 and it’s expected the rise will continue. However, the only thing you can and have to do is to be extremely vigilant and check the source of an email. Phishing attacks appear to come from a trusted source and if you answer or follow the instructions provided, your personal information will fall into the hands of the wrong people who can, for instance, make purchases online if they get a hold of your important data.


Hackers use botnets to perform large-scale cyber-attacks which can reach to millions of infected computers. Botnet attacks are used for carrying out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, sending spam, executing force attacks, and thus stealing data. Hackers use botnets more and more each day because there’s an increase in people’s usage of internet-enabled systems each day. Therefore, cybercriminals have more devices they can attack and control. The easiest and best way to stay secure from this kind of attack is to regularly perform scans with an updated antivirus program.

Computer viruses and worms

It’s important not to undermine the power of computer viruses and worms because many files or documents may be infected by a virus which in turn infects the whole machine when opened. On the other hand, worms spread out through the machine in order to infect all your files. In this case, as well, using a robust antivirus will keep you protected.

Cryptocurrency hijacking

If cryptocurrency hype is something you are involved in then you should know about “cryptojacking”. Criptojacking has become more profitable than ransomware it seems because it infects your computer with a virus which uses computer’s processor to mine for the cryptocurrency. This provides the hacker with a passive financial benefit.

As it seems, a new year will bring us more sophisticated and frequent cyber-attacks because each day there are more people who use computers and the internet. Attackers are aware of it. Bear in mind that you have to be vigilant and have good protection and perform best cybersecurity practices in order to avoid a potential data breach.

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