7 Steps To Protect The Privacy Of Your Business, Clients And Family

Everyone has files that they do not want others to access.  Legal, financial, and especially personal files that are intended for your eyes, or only a select few, need to be safeguarded. It is not necessarily foreign governments that we fear, but others who may have or may gain access to our most sensitive stored files.  CertainSafe understands your business’s need for digital privacy and is doing something about it.

CertainSafe pioneered data security technology designed to lock down classified data for government agencies and ultra-sensitive data for businesses.  CertainSafe has developed a user friendly web based Digital Safety Deposit Box that allows you to securely store and then easily retrieve any files you want to keep safe, protected and private. As an added bonus, you can share files with others or with clients as a secure Client Portal with time based permissions. An audit log even keeps track of who and when a file was uploaded, downloaded or viewed.

Another important security feature is an instant private chat messaging system allowing you to message with others with complete piece of mind assuring your privacy and anonymity, for no additional charge. It’s included in the CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box services.

7 Easy Steps To Digital Privacy

  1. Sign up for your 30-day free trial of the CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit
    Go to https://registration.certainsafe.com/register?ft=true and fill in your name and email address. The Organization can be a family name or a business. No credit card is required. After registering you can access your Digital Vault folders from any device with an up-to-date Internet browser by going to https://filemgr.certainsafe.com/
  2. Create a folder in “My Files” for just you to access
    You can upload your files by drag-and-drop or browse and select them. Files stored in the Digital Safety Deposit Box are so secure that no one else can access them.  Not even the staff at CertainSafe.
  3. Create a folder in “My Files” to share with select others
    For example you can create a folder named Legal to store your will and share the folder with your attorney, your executer and select family members. Or create a folder for each client and create a Client Portal by sharing their folder with your staff and the client. Select various permissions you want to allow, individual by individual.
  4. Share the folder with other users or invite free guests
    Users can only see the folders you share.  When you share a folder with someone who isn’t a CertainSafe user they are considered a free guest who can access the folder but have limited rights. Free guests can upgrade to a full user at any time to be able to use the Digital Safety Deposit Box for their own use.
  5. Start a secure chat message
    CertainSafe messages are so secure you could share your credit card info with someone without risk of a stranger viewing it. Yes, it is so secure it’s PCI level 1 DSS certified!
  6. Move all your sensitive files into the Digital Vault
    Remember to delete the originals from your local device, and then empty the recycle/trash bin after uploading them.
  7. Upgrade to a paid account before the 30-day free trial expires
    For only $12.00 per user, per month, you can have access to 100GB of storage. If you wish to setup a second user account, you will maintain full administrative rights. The cost for both users combined would be only $24 a month. The storage space allocated would double to 200GB. Your family, friends and trusted professionals would be free guests. You can set up as many paid users as you wish for an added monthly cost, but remember, all you really need is one. It’s that simple.

In addition to a browser based secure file and message solution, CertainSafe provides API integrations to protect sensitive database fields and credit card transactions. Information and a free trial of the SDK is at https://certainsafe.com/custom-solutions/

Sign up now – Get peace of mind knowing your sensitive files and messages are safe from others!