6 Security Risks of Enterprises Using Cloud Storage and File Sharing Apps

As companies transition to the cloud, employees are using file sharing and cloud storage in their business communications to mitigate security risks. Different cloud storage applications enable employees to create, store and control great amounts of data.

However, not every cloud storage can offer the security a company needs. Unlike other cloud storage services, CertainSafe’s Digital Safety Deposit Box offers the highest level of cyber security you can find with military-grade encryption.

Below, we list some of the cybersecurity risks that are associated with many cloud services that you should be aware of.

No control over data

When companies begin to use cloud services as a regular part of the business process, they become exposed to new security issues such as loss of control over sensitive data. The problem is that information is taken outside the company’s IT environment and you are no longer in control of the data’s privacy settings. This is how a lot of data end up being viewed by unauthorized third-party personnel.

This is where CertainSafe’s cloud storage service steps in. The Digital Safety Deposit Box services protect you from external and internal exploitation, securing data in both transit and at rest. It is so secure that not even our staff can view your content!

Data leakage

Another cloud security risk is data leakage. Many businesses don’t go for cloud storage services because the cloud is the multi-user environment. It’s normal to have doubts about the capabilities of the service provider, security solutions and of external threats such as malicious hacks of cloud providers or compromises of cloud user accounts.

The Digital Safety Deposit Box integrates military grade encryption so cloud data leakage is impossible to occur.


A lot of cloud based service companies allow their employees to work on a BYOD basis. Bring Your Own Device has the potential of increasing because many employees prefer using their own devices either because they’re more used to it or they have better specs than the company’s devices. However, if these devices end up being stolen, lost or misused in any other way, your sensitive data might be compromised. Moreover, discovering a data breach on a BYOD asset is almost impossible to track if they don’t have appropriate tools in place.


All files in the cloud are susceptible to being hacked if there are no security measures in place. Being stored and transmitted over the internet make them available for intercepting on route to its destination. The data needs to be encrypted and transmitted over a secure connection in order to prevent prying eyes from accessing the cloud’s metadata.

Key management

Key management needs to be done effectively. The process of securing key management has to be inconspicuous, automated, and active. In addition to this, keys have to be jointly-secured and data can never be accessed without authorization.

Cloud credentials

In order to mitigate data breaches, cloud access is limited based on user credentials. However,  the credentials are stored on the cloud as well and they vary in security based on the user’s password habits. This means that credentials are subject to compromise. The only way to overcome security threats is to encrypt your data and invest in a secure password management service.

Use a Cloud Storage Solution That Offers 100% Security

Your company’s security risk assessment and security risk management will lead you to CertainSafe’s Digital Safety Deposit Box. It provides multiple layers of security and an industry-leading approach to securing your sensitive data. Feel free to contact us at  719-323-6684!