4 Problems Associated With Storing Data On-Site

Before the cloud, it made sense to store all of your sensitive and valuable data on-site. But times have changed and thanks to the cloud, the way data is stored has too. To find the best cloud storage for business, one must first decide what they need from it. There are many cloud services available, but the best cloud storage for business is one that can protect your sensitive data. Other data that isn’t deemed sensitive can be stored in a number of ways, but the most private and sensitive data should be appropriately safeguarded. Moreover, the sheer amount of data that businesses gather needs to be stored somewhere. Storing it on a cloud storage platform allows for easier accessibility while also cutting down on costs for on-site servers. Below are four problems that are associated with storing data on-site and why it is important to pick the best cloud storage for business.


1. High Startup Costs

Building on-site servers and infrastructure is very costly. The money spent on this could be used to help a business in other much needed areas. Plus, it could be quite some time before the value of funneling money into on-site servers could be seen.


2. High Maintenance Costs

Once the on-site servers are setup, there are still additional costs to keep in mind. Monthly maintenance fees, IT support, equipment, and replacement parts need to be considered. This high cost could be quite a burden on a small business or startup that is trying to grow and compete.


3. Obsolete Technology

Consider all the money poured into setting up and maintaining on-site servers. This could all be for naught with the rapid development of new technology. Services and support plans can become obsolete or outdated. Businesses have no choice but to pay for costly upgrades that could disrupt their service.


4. Intricate Operations

Keeping up with maintaining the servers often requires special training and knowledge. Technicians that are familiar with older storage hardware will be needed in order to keep up with growing demand.


Cloud storage is a great solution that deals with the four problems mentioned above. Cloud storage also helps small businesses prepare for the 21st century. That’s why CertainSafe® is here to help. We understand your needs for a safe and secure file sharing service that protects your data. To find out more information, check out our services.