10 Questions Every Business Should Ask Their Cloud Security Provider

You put a lot of faith in your cloud security provider. You trust that their security is better than yours. Nut how much do you really know? Here are 10 questions to ask your cloud security provider.

  1. What cloud security aspects is your business responsible for? Where does your responsibility end and where does theirs begin?
  2. Will your data be encrypted in transit and at rest? Don’t settle for general statements like “We will encrypt your data.”
  3. What security certifications does the provider possess? In addition to being certified SAS 70, CertainSafe® maintains databases in PCI DSS Level 1 Certified, HIPAA Compliant, redundant co-located environments.
  4. How are the cloud security provider’s employees screened?
  5. What physical security features are in place to protect databases and servers?
  6. Who will be able to see your data, and what internal controls are in place to prevent it from being viewed, copied, or otherwise tampered with by unauthorized individuals?What is the provider’s backup and disaster recovery strategy? Ask for a copy.
  7. What notice will the provider make available if security procedures or server locations are changed?
  8. Will the provider make available reports to confirm that they are in compliance with your security requirements? If so, how often?
  9. Can your provider guarantee that if they go out of business your data won’t be threatened by creditors?

These are not all the important questions to ask before choosing a cloud security provider, but they are a good start. For the most secure cloud storage solution, look no further than CertainSafe!

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